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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No. 25 (June 2013)

No, 25 (June 2013)

Selected Abstracts

"Is this Fanny Swan?". Discussion about and reproduction of some photographs from the Poole family photograph album, which is held in private hands. No-one knows of any photographs of hotel-keeper and businesswoman Fanny Swan (died 1895), but there is a good chance several in the album are of her. (cover, p4-5)

"Contents of the Shakespeare Hotel". Lists of contents from an 1868 advertisement, and 1895 probate papers for Fanny Swan. (p.6)

"Maggie Donovan - Another Dargo Bride". Photograph and details of Maggie Donovan, who married Tom Phelan in 1916. Maggie appears to be wearing the headpiece referred to in the last issue, which was said to have been worn by 17 Dargo brides. (p.7)

"Parish Maps" List of maps of parishes near Stratford that are held int eh collection, plus an overall map showing parishes. (pp8-9)

"Presbyterian Baptisms by the Rev. John Roberts in the former Avon Shire, 1865-1915". Baptisms from January 1874 to July 1883. (pp10-11)

"News and Notes". More of the Sir Emmerson Tennent Hotel, and Enquiries to the Society (REID / REED / READ, KANE / CAIN / KANE at Dargo and Stratford; HAZLETT at Stratford; MARTIN at Invermichie; GREEN  at The Heart/Stratford Cheese factories; SCOTT / HOLLOWAY / CURTAIN at Delvine; FORBES / MILLER / MILLS at Briagolong; CURRAN at Stratford; SHIELLS / MARTIN / TIMMINS at Stratford)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

No 24 (March 2013)


No 24 (March 2013) 
Select Abstracts 

"The Poole Family of Stratford" examines the family of Fanny Woods nee Poole, later Swan, who operated the Shakespeare Hotel. She was joined at Stratford by her parents, a brother and a number of nieces and nephews. pp4-5

"Who were the seventeen Dargo brides?". Elsie Donovan nee Cahill, shown above on the cover, was one of 17 Dargo brides to wear an orange-blossom headpiece now held by the Society. A photograph of an unknown wedding party is reproduced from the Cahill photograph collection, with details of their identities sought. pp6-7

"Presbyterian Baptisms by the Rev John Roberts in the former Avon Shire 1865-1915". This extract, the first, gives baptisms from 1866 to 1874. More will be reproduced in future issues. 

Available from Stratford and District Historical Society, P.O. Box 145, Stratford, 3862, for $3.00 for a single issue, plus 60cents p&p.

No 23 (December 2012/January 2013)


 No 23 (December 2012/January 2013)
Select Abstracts

"The Cahill Photograph Collection". Description of photographs from Cahill family of Dargo, with emphasis on Maud Cahill, who married Jack Gilruth. Includes photographs of Dargo Bush Nursing Committee, Archie and Edna Hair and an unknown soldier. pp4-6.

"Opaltype Photographs" Photograph of James and Elizabeth Maxwell of Maffra, from the Society's collection, printed on milk glass is reproduced, with notes on Dimond Brothers, who provided this type of photograph. p7

"Kelly the Grocer, Stratford, 1890". Names in the legder from Mc to Y, end the index. pp9-11.

Available from Stratford and District Historical Society, P.O. Box 145, Stratford, 3862, for $3.00 for a single issue, plus 60cents p&p.