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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Number 1 (March 2005)

Select abstracts

"Arrival of Joseph Sharp". Extracts from the shipboard diary of Joseph Sharp, who arrived in Melbourne aboard the "Merlin" in January 1854 with his family. Sharp died in 1925 aged 90 years, and often stayed at Stratford with his daughter Harriett Struss. (4 pages, unpaginated)

"The Formation of the Stratford and District Historical Society". History of the Stratford and District Historical Society, dealing mainly with its formation in 1968. (1 page, unpaginated)


SHARP family

NB1 These are selected abstracts only, the Bulletin always includes other chit-chat and Society news.

NB2 we are a bit strange, we only add families in subjects when the surname is one that may be in common use elsewhere, such as the GREEN, BROWN, BLACK, WHITE families. Thus SHARP appears here, as we have many objects where "sharp" would otherwise appear in the catalogue.

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