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Thursday, August 11, 2011

No 12 (March 2008)

Select abstracts

"Stratford in the 1880s". Extract from the published work of the same name, written by Dr Arthur South. Deals with Miss Lister (teacher gaoled from Stratford), Rose/Despard family in the post office, piano sold to Bouchers, death of member of Cherry family (delivered newspapers), Crockett and Logue, sadlers. (pp4-7)

"From Wartime England to peaceful Stratford". Story of Audrey Shingles, as told to her grandson. Describes life in England, leaving there in 1949. They settled in East Malvern, where Audrey met and later married a member of the Shingles. They moved to Nuntin in 1953, to the Shingles farm, then to one of their own about 1958. Describes life on the farm. (pp8-13)

Museum Piece. Photographs and description of Theodolite used by William Tennant Dawson, Government Surveyor in the 1850s, much degraded by fire at Roseneath in 1921. (p15)


ROSE family
CHERRY family

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