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Thursday, August 11, 2011

No 14 (September 2008)

Select abstracts

"Book Review: Riders of Destiny" Details of autobiography of Patrick M. Hamilton, born at Stratford in 1892. He served in WWI in the Light Horse in the Filed Ambulance. This book is based on his diary. While still at war, in 1917 he was elected Rhodes Scholar for Victoria, and started study at Oxford immediately after the war. He had an international career as an educator and administrator, and died in 1977. pp6-7.

Hahn, Geoff. "Peter has closed the Door". Poem written to mark the retirement of garage proprietor Peter Thompson (c.1980). pp8-10

Vranek, Denise. "The Ducret Family, part II". Wrotes about The Knob, home life in a French family, the Methodist Church in Stratford, dairying, transport, tractors, fram life. pp11-15

"Front Cover Photograph: Boot Jack". Details of boot jack and boots held in the society collection, property of Normal McLean of Maffra, who served in the Boer War. p15.


WORLD WAR, 1914-1918
BOER WAR, 1899-1902

This issue is out of print, and is available as an e-mail attachment only.

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