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Monday, August 1, 2011

Number 4 (December 2005)

Select abstracts

"Stratford in the 1880s". Extract from the published work of the same name, written by Dr Arthur South. Deals with the school, and teachers including Mr Burbank, buildings in Tyers Street, Vick the builder etc. (pp3-7)

"In Remembrance: Clifton John Arnold 20 July 1915-11 October 2005". Obituary of long-time Society member, who came to live in Stratford in 1922. Includes photograph. (pp8-9)

"Have Wheels, Will Weigh". Story of member Edie Blake, of Providence Ponds. She attended Perry Bridge school. After office work for a time, she began to train as a nurse towards the end of WWII at Sale, then trained in midwifery in Carlton, then in Maternal and Child Welfare. She worked first at Sale, then relieving all over Gippsland. (pp11-14)



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