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Monday, August 1, 2011

Number 8 (December 2006)

Hannington, David. "From the Archives: Stratford Railway Weir". History of Railway Weir three miles east of Stratford in 1888, with gravity-feed pipe to the railway yards at Stratford to supply water for steam trains. Used until 1929. (Reproduced originally from 1964 Gap). Includes photo of tank at railway station. (pp4-5)

"Stratford in the 1880s". Extract from the published work of the same name, written by Dr Arthur South. Deals with holidays (hop picking and the beach), building new Anglican Parsonage, Curran family. (pp5-8)

"Bits and Pieces". Harry Milner was in the Australian Light Horse in WWI, and began logging north of Briagolong in the late 1930s. His daughter writes of an unusual lunch in the bush. (page 8)

"Museum Pieces". Photograph and description of the cabinet showing names of office bearers for the Shakespeare Lodge GUOOF. Includes list of names from 1866 to 1932. (pp10-11)



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